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Intercultural Trainer As A Career

What does an inter cultural trainer do?
A cross-cultural trainer basically provides competence training’s that enable the participants to work effectively with diversity of cultures
What does it take to be an intercultural trainer?
Any one can follow a training and become an intercultural trainer. But having some extra dimensions can help, to name a few:
• You are open to diversity of culture
• You have lived and worked in at least 2 different countries. But this is not an absolute requirement
In what other fields can an intercultural trainer work?
Basically provide competence training to people but there are different fields one can chose to name a few:
• Coach managers or teams
• Help immigrants settle down
• Help relocation of expats
• Provide Intercultural awareness and communication

This training is partly tailor made to help you become a unique trainer.

Are you:
Motivated to be a inter cultural trainer?
Interested in helping people understand cultural differences and bridge the gap?
Want to set up a business and be unique in your field (hardly any competition) ?
Then this is the training for you

You are a professional and unique intercultural trainer
Monetizing your acquired skills
Setting up a unique business , with no competition
Materials to get you started

Duration: 2 days
Location: live on line
Price: € 1929,95
Please note: the price is inclusive, vat 21% and non-refundable registration fee €250

Be a professional and unique intercultural trainer

Organisations who trusted me to help build bridges across cultures