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'Helping master intercultural competence to work with confidence across cultures'


My name is Kirtika van Hunen and I am a world citizen with a passion for people and diversity.

Through my trainings I help multinational teams and managers master intercultural skills that enable them to work efficiently and with confidence across cultures.

Managing Diversity in the Workplace?

Leading a culturally diverse team can be challenging. Prevent mis trust, mis understandings, back stabbing that leave you and your team members frustrated, insecure and stressed in the workplace.

Doing Business Across Borders?​

Prevent cultural blunders that could break the deal. Being culturally sensitive and effective can prevent a lot of unnecessary cultural blunders that leaves you feeling frustrated, confused and insecure...

Working and negotiating with the Dutch?

Feeling Frustrated, confused and insecure? Randomly trying to figure out how you can fit in and work more effectively can be frustrating, demotivating and stressful. Using the right skill and approach can prevent negative consequences like, a burn out, on time...

Intercultural trainer as a career?

Prevent spending years trying to break into the industry, feeling lonely and struggling to outshine your competition...


Kirtika is a seasoned cross-cultural trainer who speaks both from knowledge and experience. She has a great sense of humour and makes you want to  master the art of navigating cultural differences.
Stater N.V
L.K.M. van Druenen Director Legal ​

Organisations who trusted me to help build bridges across cultures.