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Dutch-ess from the Himalayas

Dutch-ess from the Himalayas is the name of the book I have written to help people all over the world to find their own way towards creating their own Paradise between two cultures. This book gives you an idea of how to create your own pathway between two cultures while at the same time holding on to your own cultural identity.

Interested in discovering how you can find and build your own pathway between cultures? Then I advise you to ask for ‘Dutch-ess from the Himalayas‘ in places where books are sold, or on line. In a book full of humour and short real life anecdotes you will discover how I found my own pathway to create a Paradise of my own between cultures.

Book launch by deputy-mayor of ‘s-Hertogenbosch Eric Logister

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    The book is available for €19,95 including shipping charges in The Netherlands. An invoice will be included. E-book (epub file) is available for €9,95

    The book ‘Dutch-ess From The Himalayas’ was launched on March 2016. After the launch, it became quite the “talk of the town”, which was a pleasant surprise, and I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by the local Dutch newspapers and the national Radio 1. (Listen to the radio interview online.)

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