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by Ashik Amatya

Ever since I was a teenager, I always wondered how it would be to live in a foreign country. After the completion of my master degree in tourism, here in Nepal, finally, I boarded a flight to Sydney, Australia, on February 2017, excited and nervous at the same time.  I spent few weeks to travel around and I was amazed with the beauty of that place. And of course I would be, as I had my first ever experience of an ocean.  Sydney was totally different than my hometown. Tall buildings, properly managed transportation system, the cleanliness and technology.

Luckily, I was able to get a job as a bartender. It was a new experience (pretty much of a challenge) to me, but slow and steady I got a hold of it. Everything was going on as per my expectations, but after some time, I started to realize the difference in culture.  For me (its my personal opinion only) the individualism of the people and robotic lifestyle of pretty much the same routine every week was totally the opposite of what I was used to. But, on the brighter side, I got an exposure of a developed country that I always wished for and it helped a lot to choose a lifestyle that I want. Eventually, I decided to return back to my home country, with a more perspective view towards life.

People get a bit surprised over here & ask me if I have any regrets for my decision. But, I guess, I would refer to them as wonderings. Because I always wondered how things would be living abroad. But, to name my past decision “regrets” is foolish, I chose something, which was right at that very time and I’m more than happy to have experienced a different way of life in Sydney.

Ashik Amatya,

Business Development Manager, Yeti Inn (P) Ltd.

Co-founder, Absolute Gurkha &