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‘Knowledge is to be shared’, with this belief, I would like to share my knowledge and life experience with the readers in the hope that without having to rediscover the wheel, they can find some tips and ideas from my experience on life to help make theirs easier or even better.


Hairpin Bends

“Just when things were moving so smoothly, again this…. oh, so frustrating…” I suppose every reader will identify themselves with me when I say the following; almost every time I…

After rain comes the sun

Almost every day I am faced with a realisation that life is very much like the Dutch weather. One moment it is 30 degree Celsius with a bright sun, blue…

Knowledge multiplies when shared

‘Writing a book’,  was among the list of things a person should have done in life, according to a sagacious person from the East. I was about ten years of…
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Listen and you shall hear

“That’s it! The answer I have been searching for….!” I think excitedly as I listen to  a friend or a mere acquaintance or someone I just bumped into at a…

No man is an island

“A strange question may be, but is it possible that people other than a Dutch ask for help more easily than a Dutch?” An acquaintance (from a Dutch origin) asked…

Charity begins at home

A saying that I have always heard since childhood. The interpretation of which at that moment was simple, in order to assist other people or the world, you should first…

There is always a choice

It is said that the situation you find yourself in at the moment is nothing but the consequences of the choices you made at an earlier moment. In my experience…