by Paul van der Donk

The first thing I noticed when I strolled through the streets of Kathmandu was the fact that a lot of people came up to talk to me. Conversing with a stranger, just for fun. Being a Dutch person this was quite new to me since people usually live in a bubble here, they often don’t even have time to talk to strangers because they’re always in a rush. But these people were generally interested in my life and I had a lot of fun just talking to these people. On my third day a 50 year old man invited me into his house where I had tea with him, his wife and his baby granddaughter. You must understand that this would never happen in The Netherlands. I do not know a single Dutch person that would invite a stranger into his or her house for no particular reason.

So in general I think one of the more significant differences in culture I noticed was the fact that there is less individualism in Nepal. People seem to look out for one another a bit more. Now I’m not saying that Nepali people are better people than Dutch people because I have seen my share of sad stories; I do however think Nepali people have a better way of expressing their kindness.