Schools for Nepal

As a child I had heard about a land that lies far away across the oceans, high up in the mountains. A land that had similar topography as my motherland, Nepal;  small, mountainous, landlocked and with no sea port or harbour: Switzerland, I was told was far more richer than Nepal.

Why or how Switzerland was richer while Nepal remained poor, was a question no adult could give an answer to, till I became an adult and travelled far and wide and reached The Netherlands. Here I saw that communication between the government and the citizens took place through letters, news brief and other various articles in the local newspapers. The people could give their opinion on plans for the development of the country in writing. Then I realised the crucial point in this manner of communication, literacy!  Almost every Dutch citizen is literate. So the key to the development of a country lies in education!

Authentic Nepali lunch
Enjoying an authentic Nepali lunch and contributing for a school in Nepal.

Since this realisation, all I have wanted is to send every child in Nepal to a school, or at least give them the opportunity to go to school. So began my mission to help build a school in Nepal. I plunged headlong into creating and organising fund raising campaigns to help build a school. And then, in 2015 a devastating earthquake hit Nepal and destroyed even the schools that existed. My mission changed its course from, building just one school, to helping renovate and rebuild as many schools as possible.

By funding various NGO’s (local and in The Netherlands) who have school projects on their program, I hope to help renovate or rebuild the schools.

Would you like to know more about the school projects? Or are you also interested to assist in any way you feel fit? Then please feel free to contact me.

For the current situation of the projects click here.

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