“Oh, it is cold..”

“It is raining… hailing…”

“No, there is a blizzard…”

 “It is too expensive due to the tax raise since 2019…”

No more excuses

Here is something I would like to share with you that I have been relying on since the last ten years. With visible impact and result. Above all it will not cost you a penny either!

Oh, and let me be clear before I go on, that I personally have no financial gain for sharing this with you all.

Ten years ago I got introduced to a website which has loads of video with workouts which you can perform at home. I just open it in my computer, blow it up on my television and start working out. For the what modern users, you can also download a free app.

Why this workout?

Depending on whether you are intending to gain or lose weight, trains a specific group of muscles or burn fat, you can choose from the numerous videos. In the video you will see coach Kozak whom you can follow for the challenging variation and Claudia for the what lighter variation. What I also like about this site is the time length of a work out. You can choose a video to the amount of time you have for a work out. For those of you who wants to eat healthy, here are also some tasty free meal recipes you can try out to keep fit.

Motivation needed?

Call your friends over and make a group workout at home! This is a free site and will cost you nothing, except hard work and discipline of course. Just watching the videos from your couch is not going to make those fats melt or the muscles tighter. All you have to remember is, that there is no lift to the top of the stairs, so work it out and remember, you are your own challenge.

So call that friend, motivate one another and believe me the results are amazing and lasting as well. Just visit the site for the best free workouts and see what is in store for you.Success, and enjoy and share this secret as much as you like.