“A strange question may be, but is it possible that people other than a Dutch ask for help more easily than a Dutch?” An acquaintance (from a Dutch origin) asked me recently. Not a strange question at all, because it is an observation of mine too. Coming from a ‘collective cultural society’ where ‘asking for help’ is not seen as a weakness but an interconnection to your community, I am painfully aware that I now live in an ‘individualistic society’ where ‘asking for help’ is seen as a weakness and so, does not come easy here.

A pity really, because in my experience, I have hardly been refused help when I asked. Which means, people here are willing to help. So the problem does not lie in the fact that people are not helpful here.

Another thing, that I have noticed in life is, that every person who walks the Earth by nature possesses a number of unique abilities which I call talents. My talents are very different from that of my friend or my neighbours. I use my abilities to help others who lack the ones I have and  in return I have been assisted by people whose ability I lack. So in this way, I have come to realise that by nature we human are interdependent in one way or another, we cannot survive without the other. So to me, asking and giving help is  a sign of unity and strength!

I bet most readers will agree with me when I say that after having helped someone, you get this nice warm feeling from within. Why? Just think, how would you react if a person turned to you for help? Would you not assist? Exactly! So why not the other way around? By asking for help you give the other person the opportunity to help you and at the same time to experience that warm feeling too. Would you not granting such an opportunity to all your fellow men?