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Is helping diversity managers, multinational teams and teachers working with internationals understand cultural diversity and differences and master the competence enabling them to navigating culture, bridge the differences and lead and work with confidence across cultures.

How do I do it?

Based on the self-developed, 4x I model, researched based theory and my 40 years of experience on living and working with diversity in the East and the West, I provide time saving and practical based Intercultural awareness and communication trainings with high value and quality to organisations and their employee. I equip them with tool and competencies that they can execute immediately in their day to day life. Part of the trainings are tailor made to suite the need of the organisation.

I believe

That given the opportunity of following trainings like mine, everyone can master the art of navigating and bridging cultural differences. No matter which country or culture they are in, they will be able to confidently deal with it.

Why develop intercultural competence?

Culture begins with you. The crucial part of leading or working across cultures begins with self-awareness. Not everyone has a deep understanding of one’s own cultural framework and its impact on the workstyle, the assumptions and expectations of other. It is mostly on a automatic pilot. Without this self-awareness development and mastery of intercultural competence is not possible.

Just having contact with people for other cultures, being aware of cultural differences or obtaining theoretical knowledge of culture models and frameworks, does not automatically lead to the mastery of intercultural competence..

My tailor made trainings and facilitation processes will help you together with your team to easier communication, more productive meetings, and better management. You will receive quick and effective ‘tools’ and methods that can be applied immediately to empower your team to understand, trust and work together towards one goal, the goal of your organisation.


Sharing what I know to help people grow.

Sharing to the world the easy and time conserving approach to understanding people and navigating the complexity of cultural diversity. That will lead to people building bridges, interacting in harmony and eventually to pleasant and peaceful world of diversity of people and culture.