“That’s it! The answer I have been searching for….!” I think excitedly as I listen to  a friend or a mere acquaintance or someone I just bumped into at a business meeting. Whereas that person is not even aware of my search for an answer or let alone what the subject matter of my question is. This is not the first time that I have this “answer” to a question I have been searching for. I am not sure if others also have this type of encounters, but to me this has happened more than often to just brush them aside as pure co-incidents.

Time and again I have moments when I am desperately looking for a solution to something that has been bothering me. Or wondering what action I should take in order to make the right choice so as to come to the right decision…  Then someone says or mentions that “something”, be it just a word, a phrase or even a sentence, which at that moment has no connection to my situation or the subject that is on my mind. And yet while listening to that person’s narration or conversation I find my solution in what he is saying. Sometimes things that have been mentioned don’t immediately register, until later,  it just crops up in my mind and makes me think with a start, “that’s it, that is the answer to my quest!”   

Just think of it, a total stranger I meet at a business drink, has something to say and that “something” just happens to helps me further in life. It has to be more than just a co-incident, I am sure. Ever since I have been aware of this’ listening’ and ‘finding my answer’ in a subject matter that could just be about anything;  I have learnt to listen intently and be in the moment even if the conversation  is about a hobby that does not tally with mine or a subject matter that is of little interest to me. This type of rapt listening  has and is still helping me make the right decision time and again.

One major thing that I have learnt through this experience is that, the world around us is giving us answers every day. So why not take the time to listen? And see what you can achieve with this ‘power of listening’ as I call it.