‘Writing a book’,  was among the list of things a person should have done in life, according to a sagacious person from the East. I was about ten years of age when I came across these wise words. And for no apparent reason, this point struck me the most. “Why a book?” was the question that immediately arose in my mind then. The answers to which took me a long way in life to discover… 

After traversing the earth and experiencing life for many years thereafter, I have come to realise that every person has their own unique experiences in life. This knowledge gained through life makes it an invaluable lesson only life can teach. Something which cannot be obtained at any school. Only not many of these experiences are ever shared but taken to the grave. A real pity.

In the olden days wise men wrote down their life experiences on parchment all over the world, why? Because they had realised how valuable and priceless their experiences were for them and more so for the next generation. They left behind a legacy of knowledge for new generations, for the thirsty minds who were willing to take time to read, learn and go about in life a bit wiser.

I am an ardent reader who is always thirsty for knowledge. So I am very thankful to people who have taken and still do take the time to share what they know through writing them down and sharing them.

Then it struck me, the question I should have asked myself almost forty years ago should have been, what should the book contain?  instead of why a book?

What greater gift can a person give to the next generation than his/her unique knowledge and invaluable life experiences? A greater good does not have to be in great successful stories. What can be more valuable than one’s own unique lessons of life? So share it. There was a time when people thought ‘knowledge is power’ so they did not want to share, but this is no longer true, at least not in my opinion. For knowledge is the only thing that multiplies when shared.  

With this awareness, I also wrote a book: Dutch-ess from the Himalayas (www.between2c.nl) where I have shared my life experiences of growing up and living between cultures, to help readers discover that it is possible to create your own Paradise between cultures. Sharing my knowledge via talks and blogs like this one for all those who are interested, the thirsty minds…

It has also dawned on me that all of life’s lessons are worth sharing. In this modern age I have noticed that people are already sharing a lot of their knowledge, not only in books but also via blogs, vlog etc. So if you have knowledge let others light their candles with it.