Kirtika van Hunen-Malla

As a certified trainer Crossing-Cultures (Interchange Institute Washington DC),  I give acculturation trainings to people from all over the world, who are living in a culture other than their own. In my manner of coaching and training the accent lies on stimulating people to make their own choices and becoming self-confident and independent between cultures.

I was asked by the Fontys university in Tilburg to be a lecturer for  international students. Which I accepted and enjoy giving lectures on Dutch Culture & Language .

Having had the opportunity to grow up between cultures of Nepal and India I now live and work in The Netherlands which is now more than 21 years till now. After having spent a part of my student life in The Netherlands I went to work for International NGO’s in Nepal. After my migration to The Netherlands I have worked for over 17 years for the Dutch government.

Having done my master in Environment Management, the origin of my carrier lies in Sustainability. Along with various volunteer work. During those times I realised that people not only approached me on matters concerning my profession but often opened up their hearts and confided in me. It took sometime before I realised that they found a pair of listening ears, which was enough to start a process. That in combination with the knack I possess to ask questions that helped them to reflect upon, make their own choices and finally move forward in life.

After years of indirectly helping people in this way, I started to realised that, my life experience as an expat combined with my knack to listen and ask the right questions is a valuable tool that I could use to help people who are either living or want to live in a cultures other than their own to create a Paradise of their own between cultures.

I believe it is possible for every person to feel at home between two cultures, it is this genuine belief that urges me to ‘Share what I know to help people grow’. So I wrote book ‘Dutch-ess form the Himalayas’ . Via lectures on issues like living between two cultures I help people to ‘feel at home between cultures’ and at the same time keeping their own cultural identity intact. And this is very important to me.

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