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Hairpin Bends

“Just when things were moving so smoothly, again this…. oh, so frustrating…”

I suppose every reader will identify themselves with me when I say the following; almost every time I have a plan to go from A to B, I stay focused on my target and set off in a straight line. And just when I think I am making good progress, something turns up that jeopardises my journey! At least that is what I think at that moment.

“Just when things were moving so smoothly, oh, so frustrating…”I think to myself as  I realise that I cannot move on before having resolved the situation that has just occurred. Often I find it a waste of time and distraction from reaching my goal. It is not once but many a time that such a hurdle or crisis or situation turns up just when I am not expecting it.

After having spent time resolving the situation, I set off once again towards my goal and lo,  after some progress again something inevitable happens…. Something that may or may not have any connection to the project where I was so happily making progress at. And there I go time and again diverting my time and energy to solving the problem first before moving on with my mission at hand.

Maybe, you have also in the long run realised that this ‘turning up of events’ just when you  least expected, is no co-incidence at all!  Also that this sort of situations are not reserved for one person exclusively. But happens to everyone all over the world.

This has made me realise that, in life the pathway towards our goals, whatever it may be, are never a straight line as I or many of us would like to think. It is but a winding path with a lot of ‘hairpin curves’ along the way. And in every hairpin curve awaits an incident just waiting to happen. Only that the ‘incident’ that so urgently needs our attention is unique for every person.

What is  common, is that every time we resolve the situation we all learn something new in the process.  So what I have realised is that every ‘hair pin curve’ with an incident awaiting has a purpose to teach us something new in life.

Ever since this realisation hit me, I perceive the life path of every person as a path with many a curves and we all beginning this journey with an empty backpack on our back. And every time you encounter an incident and resolve it, you take the newly acquired knowledge as a ‘tool’ and place it in your rucksack. And somewhere along the path you encounter a new incident and you take out the tools you already have collected in your rucksack to help you further in your journey in life.

So, dear readers, ever since this concept dawned on me, I actually look forward to such diversions offered by  hairpin bends with encounters that will teach and give me new tools in life. And the feeling of frustration has been replaced by enthusiasm as I happily take to resolving yet another difficult situation.

A new and positive approach to facing unexpected and unwanted situations you could say.