Workshop: why ‘so hum’ is crucial for success and discover your ‘so hum’ (language, English/Dutch)

Date and time:
09-Feb-2018 - 13:30 - 17:00

About this event:

What is about? In this practical workshop you will learn that a crucial but often overlooked aspect while trying to achieve success in life is  ‘so hum’

Who is it for? For all curious to know what ‘so hum ‘ is and wants to discover their own ‘so hum’ and to apply this to achieve success in life, business…

Method:  interactive workshop where you will learn about the tools you can use to help yourself and each other to unveil the  ‘so hum’

Result:  Understanding the power of  ‘so hum’  and applying it to achieve success in all your undertakings

Entrance is free and so are the drinks afterwords

Registration is required via

seats2meet Den Bosch

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