Talk: ONE step to Success in life while living abroad

Date and time:
31-Mar-2019 - 14:00 - 16:00

About this event:

One step to success in life while living abroad

For whom is this talk and presentation?
Internationals living in The Netherlands or leaving for another country. Any person wanting to achieve success in life.

Why should you attend?
You will be focusing on ‘success coming to you’ rather than ‘you running after success’.

What can you expect?
You will come to understand how this one step (that is often overlooked) can help you achieve success in life. And you will also learn:

  • About the ONE and crucial step that one needs to take in order to succeed in life
  • Explanation of a couple of strategic models to assist in enhancing the ‘one step’

By Kirtika van Hunen
Kirtika van Hunen is the owner of Between 2 Cultures and is a certified trainer and author of the book Dutch-ess of the Himalayas. A book full of humour and inspiration for people living between cultures. On the occasion of the book week she will give a talk on ONE step to success which is all about success coming to you rather than you running after success and you will also be able to buy a signed copy of her book with 10% discount.

NB seats are limited to 30 only

Tickets €5,00 members/ €6,00 non members ​The Price includes one free drink.

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