A saying that I have always heard since childhood. The interpretation of which at that moment was simple, in order to assist other people or the world, you should first begin by helping your own family members in need.

As I walked the Earth for many years and gained more experience in life I realised that this saying holds a much deeper meaning to it than the interpretation I had made as a child. The words, ‘at home’ applies not to the house or the family around you, but applies to YOU. The ‘home’ is yourself. So actually charity should always begin with yourself. Your inner you as deep as it goes.

This may at first sound pretty egoistic or individualistic, but in reality it is not. Here are a few examples which may help to clarify what I mean: if you are agitated then it is possible that you reflect this upon people around you, like your children or spouse. If you are not comfortable with yourself, you cannot help someone else feel at ease. If you are not really happy from within, then it is also not possible to give or share happiness completely. If you do not love yourself then it is also not possible to share or give your love around.

Ever since I realised this I have made it a life style to pay more attention to myself, my inner me and me as a whole, however self-centred it may sound. Although I am not a perfectionist, to me it is very important that I am able to give the full percentage of what I can offer to another, be it in terms of attention, love or just about any sort of assistance. But I can do that only if I, myself am feeling 100% form within.

In order to achieve this I begin by listening to my own bodily feeling. We humans fall under the category of animals, and like all animals we also possess an instinct, which I call the bodily feeling, some would call it intuition, a hunch or the feeling in your lower abdomen as the Dutch call it. What’s in a name? When it is all about paying extra attention to that feeling at the pit of your stomach. What does it say? Stress? Then it is time to take this message seriously and take measures to eradicate the stress. It is not always easy, also for me, but what matters is that, you are patient with yourself  and take the time and measures to feel right again. It is true that your own body is the best guide only if you allow yourself to take the time to listen, feel and follow it.

I am passionate  about exercise, so I do my workouts almost every day, this in turn fills me, as people around me have mentioned often enough, with a contagious positive energy which I then radiate to all around me so watch out here I come!