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Carnival fever

Like I have warned all the readers of my book, Dutch-ess from the Himalayas the yearly carnival fever is about to hit the southern part of  The Netherlands.  You may have noticed that city name boards are already giving way to banners  with  Carnival names of  the city.

The exuberant folk festival with lots of food, beer and jigging starts this year from Sunday 11 February and continues till Wednesday the 13th of February. But schools in the southern parts remain closed the whole week.

Carnival names and colours

Not only do places get a Carnival names but also every city or town has their own Carnival colour.

‘s- Hertogenbosch is Oeteldonk meaning a marsh frog and the Carnival colour is white red and yellow. Rosmalen is Zandhazen meaning, sand hare. Carnival colour is white and blue. Eindhoven is Lampengat referring to the ‘lampen’ lamps that are made by Philips. Carnival colour being orange and blue. Tilburg is Kruikenstad named after the jugs ‘kuriken’ that were used to contain the urine to wash the dye wool. Carnival colour is green and orange.

How to Carnival

If you like folk festivals with lots of beer, food and jigs then I would suggest that you get yourself into a fancy dress, wear a scarf or muffler with the colour from the Carnival city you want to join and just go enter a pub be curious and learn about the cultures  of the southern parts of The Netherlands. Don’t forget to have fun!

On the contrary, if you are a person who would like to avoid the tipsy  environment then you can flee across the river Maas to the Northern parts of of the country, ‘boven de rivier‘ , as the Dutch call it, where the Carnival fever is not rampant. Your choice.