Saving the brides of tomorrow

Child marriage not to a person but to a fruit and again to the Sun is as much a modern day common practice among the Newar ethnic group of  Nepal. This is a tradition that has been handed down from generations. Ihi Ihi (pronounced Ehee) in which pre-adolescent girls are married to the Bael fruit, […]

No more excuses

“Oh, it is cold..” “It is raining… hailing…” “No, there is a blizzard…”  “It is too expensive due to the tax raise since 2019…” No more excuses Here is something I would like to share with you that I have been relying on since the last ten years. With visible impact and result. Above all […]

Gift or not to gift

 “Is this some kind of a sick joke? They gave us shoes as gift, how insulting!’ “It is not just shoes, the wooden clogs are famous in The Netherlands. These clogs are actually pen holders which have been hand painted as well.” “Who cares, a shoe is a shoe and you cannot disguise that fact…” […]

You are worth it

“Being an expat is not easy…I just won my battle of depression after a decade of struggle…”

“I am an expat who has struggled with depression..”

“I have recently recovered from …”

These are a few of the posts I came across in face book recently.

Outrageously impolite

 ‘So when you  are communicateing via a letter or an e-mail then you just begin with the matter at hand. Like, you have not yet paid the bills,  in the first sentence. The idea is to catch the attention of the reader. Then you go on to explain why, how and the rest of the […]