Almost every day I am faced with a realisation that life is very much like the Dutch weather. One moment it is 30 degree Celsius with a bright sun, blue sky making the world look like it is celebrating life and I am invited. So I join the party in bright summer clothes, bask in the sun, go swimming, sit at a pavement cafe and enjoy an ice- cream. Giving me the feeling that summer is here to stay.

Just twenty four hours later the sky is dark, grey and gloomy and the weather is cold damp or it is just pouring. The world looks glum and sad, making me scurry for my warm jumper and winter gears again!

The key to this drastic changes in life’s moments is to be ‘spontaneous’ for you never know what sort of weather life will bring the very next moment. This is what I call one of the’ treasures of life’. When the moment in life is sunny, I just grab the instance with both hands and cherish and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

When life’s weather is cold and grey, I linger in the cherished moments of the sunny days and know and hope that the ‘sunshine’ moment will come to surprise me once again in the most unexpected moment, that is why I find such moments wonderfully thrilling.

“Have fun and make lovely memories”, are my reminding words of advice to my children as they leave home for school or to meet friends. I also say it to my husband as he leaves for work. You could say that, this is my way of reminding them to cherish the given moment. So that they can use it to get through the moments of rough weather in the future.

To me it is all about ‘lingering in the past’ for the moment and then moving forward and not ‘living in the past’, which will of course get you nowhere in the long run.

In order to survive the stormy weathers of life I just take a walk down my ‘sunshine’ memory lane. And during this walk, I am also aware of the fact that the stormy weather is but temporary and will pass. Soon the sun will step out bathing everything with its warmth, making the whole world warm and lively again in a way that I enjoy so much.