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Differences and misunderstandings often emerge in the workplace and while doing business due to cultural difference. In a world of cross cultural communication, it is important for organisations not to  underestimate the value of intercultural skills within the workforce. Preparing and training your employees to deal with cultural complexity like understanding, accepting and responding to cultural differences is a powerful asset for any organisation aiming to achieve a smooth multicultural worksplace and sustainable international business relations.

I genuinely understand when clients say that they are confused or even frustrated, when faced with cultural differences in a workplace. This is because I have’ been there’ myself and yet eventually found my own way to working smoothly in a multicultural sphere. So using my personal experiences in combinations with acquired training skills, I offer training/ talks and workshops on the following topics which are always tailor made to your situation:

  • Training on ‘Crossing cultures with competence’
  • Lectures on intercultural awareness at the workplace
  • Intercultural expectation management training for employees & employer
  • Intercultural communication at the workplace
  • Information on the culture and customs of Nepal, India and The Netherlands
  • To get an idea about the events that I have hosted see past events 
  • Individual coaching

How does it work?

We can plan a meet-up which is free of cost and obligations. During this session, we will zoom into your search for assistance. Once we agree upon your specific requirements, I will provide a quotation that is tailor made to your situation.

Are you looking for someone with a life experience about feeling at home between cultures? Then, I would like to invite you to tell me how I can help you. In order to do that, please feel free to contact me.

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